Cassidy wedding and events coordinator in action

What is a day of coordinator?

Don’t burden yourself on your wedding day with having to manage the logistics and details you've worked so hard planning. Hiring a day of coordinator will give you the peace of mind and assurance that all the beautiful details come together just the way you envisioned!

Bridal party hero

Your Maid of Honor ripped her dress? The flower girl lost her bouquet? Don’t worry! Your DOC will be there to handle any issues that may arise among your bride tribe!


In-laws stressing you out? Bridal Party drama making you crazy? Your DOC is your #1 Fan, and personal Wedding therapist - they will do everything they can to help alleviate the stress that comes with planning a Wedding.


From setting up Décor and tracking down your transportation, to holding onto your personal belongings and tipping out vendors; your DOC will act as your event manager and be the go-to person for all vendors and staff.


Take a deep breath! The job of a DOC is to take charge and handle any issues that may arise on your Wedding day, so you and your new spouse can continue to soak up every minute of your special celebration.


Hiring a full-service Wedding planner is expensive and may not be the best fit for your budget! A Day of Coordinator is a much more personal service and an affordable alternative for couples!


Your DOC will be there from the minute you wake up, to the moment you leave the After Party! They will know every detail of your wedding from start to finish and will be able to take care of any of you or your families last minute personal requests!

A day of coordinator...

A day of coordinator acts as a liaison amongst your vendors, ensuring that they all are following the timeline and understand the couples needs or last-minute requests. With Pinterest and Instagram leading as a major source of wedding inspo – couples are opting to plan their own weddings as it gives them full control.

Hiring a day of coordinator is an affordable option to a full-service planner and will allow you to be a guest at your wedding. A day of coordinator will typically start working a few months leading up to their wedding day as this is the time when things get most chaotic.

On the wedding day, the main role of the day of coordinator is to ensure that the wedding couples plans are carried out efficiently, and to discreetly handle any hitches that may arise. They are there to manage execute your plans, so you do not have to!


Do I need a day of coordinator?

I cannot tell you how many weddings I have personally been to where members of the bridal party are running around putting out fires and handling last minute arrangements. The truth is, on your Wedding day there are bound to be decisions that come up that you should not have to stress about. This is when your DOC steps in and acts on your behalf. Hiring a Day of Coordinator is one budget item that Wedding couples overlook and often regret later. Although your venue may have a coordinator on staff, that person is contracted to work for the venue and not for YOU. Your Day of Coordinator knows your Wedding inside and out and will be there for you to run your celebration from start to finish.


Cait & Neil Married couple

5 stars

“Cassidy, there truly are not enough words to tell you how thankful I am for you and all that you did for us. Not only are you an extraordinary person but you are unbelievable at what you do. I don’t think people truly understand the need for a Day of Coordinator or that you are so much more than that. Anything I needed you were right there and got it done. Any question I had, you answered. All those times you sat with me to work out timelines, to do lists and any other “list” I needed to make took away so much stress. Your love for what you do radiates from you and you ability to make any bride laugh In a stressful situation is appreciated! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!! I’m so happy for you to begin your own wedding journey. No one deserves it more than you!”

Rose Mother of the bride

5 stars

“Good Morning, it’s Rose, Nicolette’s mom! I just wanted to tell you, you did an amazing job for Nicolette & Ryan’s wedding. You went above and beyond for what was expected of you, I cannot thank you enough for making Nicolette’s day amazing for her! You have an amazing personality, thank you again!”

Donna Mother of the bride

5 stars

“Good Morning, I just want to thank you for the most beautiful day, we could have not done it without you. You are amazing, thanks again! I will highly recommend”

Stephanie & Michael Married couple

5 stars

“Cass, Mike and I really can not thank you enough for all that you did to make sure our wedding day was as successful as it was. Your professionalism and dedication to your clients are so truly recognized and appreciated. You were there for us at 7 am making sure we all had food, coffee and most importantly an unlimited amount of mimosas. I truly owe my calmness that day to you because I knew that with you by our side, any issues that could come into play would be resolved by you and I was right. You made sure the boys didn’t break any bones before the ceremony when they thought it would be a good idea to play hockey (lol Mike told me about that) You made sure my mom and dad arrived at the hotel on time, safe and comfortable. You made sure all my vendors were taken care of at the end of the night which allowed Mike and I to enjoy the final moments of our wedding. Looking back on it all, I know we couldn’t have done it without you! I will be recommending you to any bride and groom I come into contact with. On the day of the wedding, its physically impossible to stay on top of all the details you planned so carefully and having you with our best interest at heart, was the best decision we made. Thank you so much again. You seriously rock and my friends and family feel the same way!”


About me

A self-proclaimed professional bridesmaid, and lover of all thing’s weddings, Cassidy will dedicate all her energy in coordinating the most memorable day of your life, so it is just as you envisioned.

Full time, Cassidy serves as a “Hospitality Hero” within the Events industry, planning corporate meetings in different venues across the country for Fortune 500 Companies. Her eye for detail, firm handle on logistics, and vivacious personality gives her the upper hand as a Day of Coordinator. Her deep knowledge and understanding of the Wedding and Events industry guarantee all her couples the peace of mind that their Wedding is in good hands.

Wedding Coordination is Cassidy’s true passion. She wants nothing more than for her couples to be present in the moment and make everlasting memories with their loved ones that they will cherish for a lifetime.


I would love to be a part of your big day, please let me know how I can help!